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Winter Renovations

It was a busy winter at MaxAg. We were very fortunate this off-season to be able to devote time and resources to making improvements to our facilities. Previously, our chemical loadout, shop, and company office were all housed in the same building. Through the expansion of business and services over the past 20 years we had outgrown both the shop and the office. During renovations we sealed off the portion of the existing building that held our chemical loadout and demolished the existing shop/office area.

After demolition a new concrete floor with infloor heat was installed and the addition to house our office was built over it. The new office space features: three offices, conference room, reception/accounting area, kitchen, and two bathrooms.

To accommodate our shop/service needs we erected a partition wall within our equipment storage shed, insulated the newly enclosed are, put up sheet metal, and added climate control. We also replaced the sliding doors with a hydraulic lift door and upgraded the electrical and lighting.

Having both of these renovations completed has promoted a safer, more efficient, and overall better working environment.

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